Forum Question: My MacBook Slowing Down?

hey gary, i was just wondering if my macbook is slowing down. the reason is when i try to open up a folder it takes atleast 3 seconds to open a folder. i’m just wondering because i have 78.40 GB left. does the age affect how slowly it goes. i bought it from some1 that had it for 44 months. i know i’m too sensitive about my mac but i always wonder because when i watch mac movies there folder always pops ups after they click not even a second. anyways if its my macs age’s problem then ill leave it like that. thanks anyways

— John Belarmino

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    5/19/10 @ 9:52 pm

    So the Mac is almost 4 years old? That is one factor. It would be much slower than a new Mac with faster processors and other parts.
    Have you tried updating the system to Snow Leopard. That is, of course, assuming it is an Intel Mac. If not, then that could be why it is slow.
    Have you seen episode 349?

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