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Network Hard Drives

Hi Gary, I want to buy a network hard drive but there are too many choices and mixed reviews of the products doesn’t really help at all.
Is there any specific network hard drive you would recommend?
The hard drive would have to allow me to connect an external hard drive & my printer.

— Carlos M

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    10 years ago

    No, sorry, I can’t recommend one as I don’t use one. I have several drives inside my Mac Pro, and the other computers on my network access them.
    Do you have on computer on your network that is stationary and can act as the “hub” for the rest? That might be a good option for you. Cheaper, and you can do a lot more with it. You could share printers from it, multiple drives if you like, etc. Just an idea.
    With me, it works out great because 90% of my work is done on the Mac Pro, so 90% of the time the data on those drives are connected directly to the computer I am using. Much faster and more convenient. And I can back up the drives directly, not over a network which would be slower.
    So, as for a network drive, I guess if I wanted one I would just get a Time Capsule. The only downside might be that it isn’t the cheapest — but I’m never afraid to spend a few extra bucks for quality and such.

    Carlos M
    10 years ago

    At my home, I only own a macbook pro and want something to back up my macbook pro with as well as have access to my external hard drive and printer without needing to connect them to my macbook pro and be able to share it with my parents windows laptop (only the external hard drive & printer).
    I have been thinking about the time capsule but as you said, its a tad bit expensive for me but if I can’t find an alternative, I would most likely go with that.

      10 years ago

      I don’t know. A 1TB Time Capsule for $279 (Amazon) seems like it might be hard to beat. I’m sure you can shave off a few bucks with another brand, but then it wouldn’t have all the features of the TC.

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