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New Computer/new Apple ID Change

We are buying our daughter a new laptop to take off to college for Christmas. How do we
1 create her own Apple ID without her losing all the music and appls now associated with our current shared Apple ID.
2 set up her new laptop with iTunes with the current info(songs and apps) on in our current account and transferred to her new Apple ID. And new computer?
Lori Herning

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    11 years ago

    It is very hard to give specific advice on these cases because there are so many factors.
    You can't transfer purchases from one account to another. But you can give her some media files and use Home Sharing to give her music and apps, at least to get started.
    So create her account. I've never done it, but if she already has the music and apps on her computer in her iTunes library, then she should still have them. At least some of them. It has a lot to do with where the music comes from (iTunes purchases, CD rips, other music stores, etc). Then use Home Sharing to transfer from other computers to hers, if needed.

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