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How to create new gesture using Assistive touch in accessibility?
arun rajendran

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    7/24/12 @ 12:17 pm

    So, I assume you have gone into General settings, and turned on Assistive Touch?
    If so, then you will see there a “Create New Gesture…” button. Tap that to start.
    Then touch the screen and with one (or more) finders and drag in various ways — basically, recreate a gesture. Like four fingers right to left to move to the next app on the iPad.
    Then hit the Stop button at the bottom of the screen and name the gesture.
    This takes you back to the Assistive Touch settings screen and you will see your gesture listed.
    Then to use the gesture, you would hit the assistive touch square-ish dot to activate assistive touch, then choose Favorites, then the gesture.
    Then a dot or dots appear that you can position on the screen with one finger. When you let go, the dots act as fingers and re-enact the gesture.
    So, basically, what custom gestures does is allow you to perform multi-finger gestures with just one finger. Useful for people who cannot use more than one finger on the screen, or if you are using a stylus or some other device that acts as a single point of touch.

      arun rajendran
      7/24/12 @ 11:16 pm

      thank you for your immediate reply. if you can do to video on this it would be more helpful for everyone.

        7/25/12 @ 8:31 am

        I was thinking about doing a video on it. I may. But in reality this probably isn’t a feature that will be used often.

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