Forum Question: New grey colored area in Safari under Lion

In Safari, when I scroll to the top of the page, whether with or without inertia, a further scroll motion drags the window down a wee bit and shows a grey area. Is this some new functionality or just a design, and is there any way to turn it off?
Bill Partenna

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    7/29/11 @ 7:24 am

    That’s how it is supposed to work. It has been working that way in iOS since the original release of the iPhone 1.
    The idea, from a user interface standpoint, is that the alternative is bad: having the inertia of a drag come to a sudden jarring stop.
    I’ve never heard anyone complain about it before in all the years of iOS. But I suppose it takes time to get used to new features. There is no way I know of to turn it off.

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