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New Mac, cannot access videos due to “missing plug-in”

I think this is a great site, but I cannot seem to access the videos from my new Mac. Instead of the video, there is a message that reads, “missing plug-in.” What plug-in am I missing?
Ralph T. Soule

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    9 years ago

    You need Flash to play the videos that are embedded from YouTube (and to do a lot of other things on the Internet). Go to

      8 years ago

      I have the Flash Player, and the Flip Mac, and still some video podcasts are not working and the same “missing Plug-in” message appaeras briefly before the image for the podcast. This happens whether I’m on Safari or Firefox Help!

        8 years ago

        Hard to say. Perhaps take a close look next time at the video and maybe try to contact the creator to see what they say.

    Geoff Baines
    8 years ago

    I have heard that Flash can open up a danger of malware onto a Mac – how safe is it to load Flash?

      8 years ago

      There are been several threats tied to the name “Flash” over the years. The biggest one has had nothing to do with Adobe’s Flash plug-in, but was simply something that had Flash in the name. Another was a trojan that disguised itself as a Flash installer, so it had nothing to do with Flash either. And then there have been several reports of Adobe fixing security holes in Flash — but that happens with any software, including Java, Office, and OS X itself.
      So, it is safe to run Flash. You’ll find that a lot of web sites don’t work without it.

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