Forum Question: New MacBook Pro and Time Machine

Friday afternoon I opted to replace my dying Windows-driven laptop with a new MacBook Pro, which nicely compliments my almost two-year old iMac. But I confess to being confused as to how I might take advantage of Time Machine to keep my new laptop safe and backed up.
I already employ Time Machine on the iMac in conjunction with a USB-attached 1TB Western Digital external hard drive. This works well as neither moves around, unlike the new MacBook.
Clearly one option would be to keep an external USB hard drive handy and plug it into the MacBook on a regular basis and run Time Machine, but this seems less effective and efficient as I would like.
What recommendation would you make for my situation?

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    2/6/11 @ 10:01 pm

    That’s the option I would choose. Plug it in to the external drive when you can.
    Another option would be to invest in a Time Capsule and then backup over your network whenever you are connected.

    2/9/11 @ 10:07 am

    Thank you Gary. I would consider the Time Capsule route, but having just replaced my wireless router with a new one about 8-weeks ago I’m loath to spend the additional dollars. Especially when factoring in the marked higher cost of the MacBook Pro over the Windows-driven laptops I was considering.

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