Forum Question: New MacBook Pros

Hi Gary, which of the newly updated MBP do you think is the best value (biggest bang for the buck)?

I find the with 17″ native res, the font too small. Do you think with new high res on the 15″ the font will also be a bit small like on the 17″? If yes, too bad anti-glare only on high res 15″.

I am thinking of getting either the low end 13″ with SSD or the low end 15″ with SSD. Or the MBA if that ever gets updated. Some say MBA may be dropped by Apple. What’s your opinion?

— TA

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    4/13/10 @ 10:48 pm

    They are all good values — it depends on what you want and need, and your budget.
    I can’t comment on the screens until I see them myself. But even then it is very subjective.
    I don’t know about the Air — it is hard to say.

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