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New Movie In iMovie Always Grayed Out

Each week I import media and make a movie in iMovie. For several weeks now iMovie won’t allow me to make a new movie. The selection “New Movie” is always grayed out. My solution has been to delete my previous movie and event and add the imported movie and edit it. No matter what I do, iMovie always shows “New Movie” grayed out. What am I doing wrong?
Fred DeBerry

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    4 years ago

    Perhaps you are already down at the level of editing a movie? Is there a button at the upper left of the iMovie window labeled “Projects?” If should be just to the right of the red, yellow and green dot buttons.
    Click the Projects button to return to the projects level where you will see a list of all of your movies. This will also include a “Create New” button which does the same thing as File, New Movie — which should not be grayed out at this level.

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