Forum Question: New switcher with a Network Error in Snow Leopard

Hello Gary

I really enjoy your podcast, i discover it a year ago and i never miss a episode.
You have a watcher in the old continent, Timisoara, Romania ;)

Now to my problem:

Am a recent switcher and i’m having a problem with my iMac vs MacBooks. (or at least i think i do)

Am running Snow Leopard on both the machines, and for 2 day am keep getting this error when i start my mac:

“The server “xxxxx” may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.”
The picture with the error is here (is the screen from my iMac related to my laptop):

What details should i give you ?
The iMac is connected to Asus router from which i give internet to my MacBook.

If the laptop is open and am restarting the error doesn’t appear, it appears only
when the laptop is close or put to sleep.

I did a permission check, clean my mac, look to my login startup, nothing help.

I also did a research and ask other apples forums ( but the problem is still here.
Some solution where the one that i mention before. I have receive an opinion that i set the driver to auto connect to a specific device – i don’t remember this, maybe if i accidentally gave a shortcut command (maybe when i was working in photoshop..?)

So this is in short with what am confronting right now.
Do you need more infos to tell me how in the world to fix this and not try to reinstall snow leopard again ?

Best regards

— Rus Adrian Ewald

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    2/19/10 @ 7:03 am

    This doesn’t seem like much of a problem. It is simply saying that it can’t find that other Mac of yours. Sometimes this happens because when it wakes from sleep it doesn’t connect to the network before it starts looking for other Macs. You can probably go through a lot of your settings (login items, applications running, etc) to find the issue. But I wouldn’t worry about it.
    Perhaps it is an application running that is using a file or folder from that other Mac? Does it happen when you close the laptop, but no applications are running and you disconnect from the other Mac before closing the lid?

      Rus Adrian Ewald
      2/19/10 @ 9:02 am

      Hello Gary

      Thanks for the very quick response.

      Following your advice i remove all the apps in the Login Items, gave it a log of and … problem gone.

      Then i put back, one by one, each of the one that i regularly use, following, by a log of, each time and the problem is no more.
      I still haven’t found the guilty part, but am content with the result.

      When your in Timisoara, the first three beers are on me … seriously.
      Thanks again.

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