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New to Macbook Pro 13″

Hi, I am new to mac and this is my first macbook pro laptop 13″. I was wondering what applications is helpful for college? And as for bags or cases for my laptop what would you guys recommend? And is it okay to close the lid and go or should I highly recommend shutting it down then go? I am going to be a graphic designer and I have 13″ is it good enough? My 14 days of return and exchange hasn’t been up yet but I’ve done the rebate so what do you guys think? Should I get the 15″? :S

— Chris

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    10 years ago

    Those are hard questions to answer. The only one I can give you is yes, close the lid and let it sleep, don’t shut it down. See episode 240:
    As for applications, it really depends on what you want and what you need for your school work. Your best bet is to see what other students recommend.
    Whether it will be enough for your work is hard to answer too. The 13-inch is great for portability, but a smaller screen size. It is trade-off.

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