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I have had a Macbook Pro for about a year now and I have fallen in love with the Mac. I take LOTS of photos and I use my Mac now all the time over my PC. I want to store all my photos on a USB or Firewire hard drive because it has gotten to the point I am filling up my hard drive. I also need to start using Time Machine. If I have my Iphoto Data stored on a USB drive (DriveA) and I have a 2nd Drive (DriveB) dedicated to Time Machine. Will Time Machine backup my Iphoto data that is stored on DriveA or will it only backup the internal Hard drive?


— Bruce

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    10/29/09 @ 8:13 am

    It will back up the external drive too, as long as it is plugged in, and you don’t specifically exclude it in the Time Machine settings. Just make sure you plug that drive in on a regular basis so Time Machine has a chance to do it. And then check to make sure it is backing up.

    10/29/09 @ 8:29 am

    Thank you very much for the info.

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