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I just bought an Apple TV. It is hooked up with a hdmi/dvi cable , everything works fine except there is no sound.I’ve been told the dvi hook-up does not support audio.(wish I would have been told).How do you use the audio jack on the apple tv?

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    12/3/10 @ 7:39 am

    Right. DVI is video only. So if you use a screen that has DVI in, you also need to connect the optical audio from the Apple TV to some audio device. Or, alternatively, buy a box that splits the HDMI signal into HDMI video (to your DVI) and audio cable. Then hook up that audio to something. Or, just hook the HDMI from the Apple TV to a TV that supports HDMI.
    Are you trying to hook up Apple TV to a computer monitor or something? It was really built for TVs, not computer screens.

    Dan byrne
    11/9/11 @ 3:38 pm

    Gary, thank you so much! Spent ages trying to reconfigure sound settings and switching out hdmi cables from one device to another before reading your post that DVI is video only. Mate I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes! Dan

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