Forum Question: Normalizing audion on different clips in iMovie 11

I’m doing my brothers wedding video.
The celebrant had a microphone into some speakers.
My brother and his wife did not.
The bride and groom speak quietly.
All the audio was recorded from the camera mic.
There’s a long section where the celebrant speaks and they repeat what she says.
I’ve pulled the celebrants audio down to 80% and boosted the wedding couple’s audio to 200%.
You can hear everything now without adjusting the volume but it is distracting/annoying/difficult to listen to because when the bride and groom speak the background noise is so loud. Sometimes there is even some popping.
Is there a way I can smooth everything out.
What if I exported the finished product and re-imported it as one clip and then normalised the volume?
Any other ideas? Getting desperate.

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    9/26/11 @ 5:57 pm

    There’s probably not much you can do short of hiring an expert sound editor to clean it up.
    Using normalization won’t work if the background noise is the problem. But there’s really no way to separate it.
    You could always bring the finished video into GarageBand and play with the sound, but that takes quite a bit of expertise too. And there would be no on-eclick solution, it would require you to experiment and deal with different sections of the soundtrack one by one. Lots of work.

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