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Not-sharing Gift Cards Amoung Siblings On Same Apple ID

We have 3 iPod touch in my household, two belong to minors. How do I keep the peace when iTunes gift cards are recieved? At this point any cards that are redeemed are open to “ALL”. Yes, sharing is good unless it is a birthday or Christmas present, or other gift. Is there a way to redeem gift cards per device? I watched your tutorial about setting up different emails to maintain privacy between teenage sisters, but it did not indicated wether or not this would work with iTunes cards. Please help! They have about $300 in gift cards between them, and I won’t let either of them use them until I can figure out how to keep the peace.

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    7 years ago

    There are two ways I can see handling this. One would be for them each to have their own iTunes account. Now, of course they can’t because they are too young. So you would have to have 3 additional accounts that each belong to YOU — and they are each accessing one of your accounts only on their own device.
    Another option is to simply keep track of who spends what. Is that so hard? Just get a piece of paper (or a document file, like a spreadsheet) and as each kid buys something you enter it into the list. It is only $300 and only 3 kids. Four columns on a sheet of paper — purchase, A, B, C (enter the amount spent in one of the three ABC columns depends on the buyer). Seems pretty simple to me. Plus, they can make a joint purchase and share it between them all since it is the same account. So they can all purchase a $0.99 app and get it on all three devices while only spending $0.33 each.
    This may also have the side effect of them learning some basic math and bookkeeping skills (bonus!)

      7 years ago

      Thanks, I think the math and bookkeeping skills might just be a good idea. I really didn’t expect a reply on Christmas Day, I guess I got a present after all. thank you.

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