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Notes App Accounts

Hi Gary,

I’m a bit confused about the notes app accounts on my iPhone.

Before ios4 there was only one. Now there is two, From My Mac and MobileMe.

I have typed in something and sometimes it goes to my Mail on my Mac and not sure which is the default.

Also why can’t I see the MobileMe notes on the MobileMe site?

Could you explain and untangle this?



Could you explain and

— Amir

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    10 years ago

    Notes are a function of a MobileMe or IMAP email account. Think of them as messages that don’t go anywhere. You can create notes using Mail on your Mac in any email account that supports notes.
    But you also have a default “on my mac” notes account too.
    In Notes in iOS 4, you can view all of your notes, or just notes from one account. Just hit the back arrow until you see “All Notes” plus a line for each account. Go to a single account to view the notes from that account, and then you will be sure to create the notes in the right place.
    You can’t see notes in the Web-based interface for MobileMe simply because Apple hasn’t built any notes functionality into it.
    If you use notes a lot you may want to upgrade to a better notes app like Evernote. The Notes app on the Mac is pretty basic.

    8 years ago

    Hi! In mountain Lion. Where are “notes” physically located? I need to recuperate a notes that was store on my icloud account, and i know that it is on my “time machine” back up. But i don’t know in which folder to look for it.

    Thanks for the help

      8 years ago

      Not sure. If they were in your iCloud account, then they are not really on your drive — well, there are some cache files somewhere, but finding them would be difficult. I’ve never come across a mention of their locations.

        8 years ago

        Hey me again! Thanks for video #752. (they are all always very useful) Back to the purpose of my initial question. I did a note on my IPOD touch that went to my ICLOUD account and was sync with my macbook. From my macbook it was deleted by mistake. Can I get it back with time machine. I know there was several back up between the sync of my note and the time I deleted it.

          8 years ago

          I don’t think so. I haven’t heard of any way to do this — I’m sure that Apple will eventually add some sort of iCloud functionality to Time Machine. A lot of people are running into this.

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