Forum Question: Notes in iCal on iPod Touch

Hi Gary,

Thanks for answering the PDF question. Odd of Apple to make something more complicated, but I guess no company is perfect…

That said, it seems like I can’t get the entire note that I put in my iCal appointments on my iPod Touch if the note goes beyond a certain length. Is there any way to remove this limit?



— Luigi

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    2/17/10 @ 2:16 pm

    There is no way to adjust it that I know of. You might want to suggest it to Apple ( A lot of people I know use the Evernote app for this sort of thing — but it wouldn’t be a note inside of iCal that way. I wonder if there are 3rd-party apps that bring in the iCal data?
    A lot of people use Google Calendar as an alternative to iCal — you can actually sync the two and have the best of both. Then you can view the events through the good Google Calendar Web interface on your iPhone.

    2/18/10 @ 7:38 pm

    Thanks Gary.

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