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I hope someone can help. A few nights ago I watched a Numbers 09 tutorial on YouTube and the person doing the tutorial showed how to quickly change the color scheme or design of a chart. I’m not talking about changing the colors of the bars or changing the chart type. He went someplace on the menu bar and used a function that changed the whole color scheme of the chart and the menu had several different themes to choose from. He changed the bar chart he had made from a white background and blue bars to a black background, with green bars and white lettering. I can’t find that tutorial again and I didn’t bookmark it, and I’ve been through everything in the Numbers menus and can’t find this function. Is this because I have the trial version?

— Brad Morgan

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    11/29/09 @ 4:03 pm

    In Numbers 09 you can change the Style of the entire spreadsheet by just clicking on a style in the left sidebar. You should see that sidebar has “Sheets” and then under that “Styles” — the styles should be things like: Basic, Gray, Beige, Ledger, etc.

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