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Numbers Check Boxes for a Rubric?

I enjoy your videos, Gary!

I’m creating a rubric in Numbers for grading my students’ projects.

For each topic on the rubric, I have a row of 5 checkboxes representing Excellent, Very Good, Good, Marginal, Weak and None. I have a score cell that follows the checkboxes that I want to automatically display a specific numerical grade based on the box checked.

Ideally, I’d like to include a “weight” cell for each row of checkboxes that I would keep hidden so I could adjust the final score for each topic as they would need to vary.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

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    2 years ago

    For checkboxes I would just include an IF function for each. So if the checkboxes are in cells D2 to H2 then you could do =IF(D2,10)+IF(E2,20)+IF(F2,30)+IF(G2,40)+IF(H2,50) or something similar.

    As for the weights, you could just multiple each IF statement by the weighted cell, or group all 5 IF statements in parenthesis and multiply them. I’m not really sure what you are going for with that, whether it is a weight per checkbox, or one for the whole row.

    You may also want to consider a Pop-Up Menu for a single cell rather than five checkbox cells. With checkboxes, you could accidentally check more than one, or leave them all unchecked. With a Pop-Up Menu using the value “Excellent,” “Very Good,” and so on you could use the same IF statements to compare the value in the pop-up and assign the base grade.

    2 years ago

    Well, that was quick! Thanks!

    For one topic, the highest score (for the excellent checkbox) may be worth 6 (a weight of 1) but for another topic, the highest score might be 12 (a weight of 2)

    In any case, you have been most helpful. Thanks again.

    Ian Gibson
    2 years ago

    Or you could use a pop up menu using a star rating for each row. It will return a number and you could then use IF statements to accomplish your weighting.

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