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Numbers Check Boxes for a Rubric?

I enjoy your videos, Gary!

I’m creating a rubric in Numbers for grading my students’ projects.

For each topic on the rubric, I have a row of 5 checkboxes representing Excellent, Very Good, Good, Marginal, Weak and None. I have a score cell that follows the checkboxes that I want to automatically display a specific numerical grade based on the box checked.

Ideally, I’d like to include a “weight” cell for each row of checkboxes that I would keep hidden so I could adjust the final score for each topic as they would need to vary.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

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    11 months ago

    For checkboxes I would just include an IF function for each. So if the checkboxes are in cells D2 to H2 then you could do =IF(D2,10)+IF(E2,20)+IF(F2,30)+IF(G2,40)+IF(H2,50) or something similar.

    As for the weights, you could just multiple each IF statement by the weighted cell, or group all 5 IF statements in parenthesis and multiply them. I’m not really sure what you are going for with that, whether it is a weight per checkbox, or one for the whole row.

    You may also want to consider a Pop-Up Menu for a single cell rather than five checkbox cells. With checkboxes, you could accidentally check more than one, or leave them all unchecked. With a Pop-Up Menu using the value “Excellent,” “Very Good,” and so on you could use the same IF statements to compare the value in the pop-up and assign the base grade.

    11 months ago

    Well, that was quick! Thanks!

    For one topic, the highest score (for the excellent checkbox) may be worth 6 (a weight of 1) but for another topic, the highest score might be 12 (a weight of 2)

    In any case, you have been most helpful. Thanks again.

    Ian Gibson
    11 months ago

    Or you could use a pop up menu using a star rating for each row. It will return a number and you could then use IF statements to accomplish your weighting.

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