Forum Question: OCR App for iPhone/iPod Touch

Does anyone know of an app for doing Optical Character Recognition? I’m trying to find a simple way of getting lyrics from a printed sheet into iTunes, and i figured “there’s gotta be an App for that”, but i’ve searched iTunes and and can’t find one. Am i missing something?
Kirk Aplin

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    1/1/11 @ 10:11 pm

    Have you searched for “OCR” in the app store? Several things come up. But OCR is usually a function of scanners, not cameras. So I’m not sure how good the results will be. If you try one of them out, let us know how well it works.

    Eric J
    8/16/12 @ 6:28 am

    You should try OCR kit. Its a great text recognition that is really fast and really accurate.

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