Forum Question: Office 2008 Slow After SL Upgrade


I found that Word and Excel were s l o w to start after I upgraded to SL. Safari was a tad slow as well.

After validating fonts and disabling dupes, I ran the beta version of Onyx for SL and ran maintenance scripts and cleaned font cache.

Amazing. Everything is much faster now. It took Safari a moment to rebuild, but after closing and reopening, it was lightning fast.

Wish I could say the same of Office, but at least it is as fast as it ever was, which means anything Office is still the slowest app on my Mac. At least now it’s opening under twenty seconds again instead of almost a full minute.

Thought I’d pass this along in case it is helpful to anyone else or in case you have another suggestion for post-SL install maintenance.

Thanks Gary.

— Michelle

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    10/24/09 @ 9:37 am

    Were you using the very latest version of Office? Or an earlier one? I’m still running the previous version of office in Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro and I don’t seem to have any issues.

    10/24/09 @ 2:16 pm

    I’m running the full version of Office for Mac 2008 version 12.2.0, with ‘latest update’ 12.2.1 if that helps.

    Word is faster now that I’ve run the Onyx disk utilities though. Clearing out font cache helped the most, I think. Disk repair and permissions did seem to help as well.

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