Forum Question: Old PC died and new PC shows all my old apps grayed.

My old PC died and my new PC, when logged in to iTunes and iPhone4 shows old apps grayed.
When I want to sync, iTunes warns all apps on iPhone will be replaced with those in new PC library (few). Will I lose all my old apps? Haven’t synced since I got new PC so just adding apps through iPhone.
Don’t wanna lose old (some paid) apps.
Don Baron

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    3/28/11 @ 7:50 am

    The apps aren’t on your new PC yet. And your iPhone is synced to another computer. So, yes, when you re-sync to a new computer you will be starting fresh since you no longer have the app file or backups that were on your old PC.
    But you don’t need to pay for apps again. Just use the exact same iTunes account that you were using before and it recognizes that you own those apps and it will say “Install” rather than a price when you go to buy those apps.

      Don Baron
      3/31/11 @ 9:50 am

      Thanks Gary!
      Always lots of help.

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