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How Do I Alphabetize Bookmark Lists In OS X 10.8?

I remember that on my iMac using SnowLeopard I somehow moved the bookmark topic lists to the desktop and when I moved it back it was in alphabetical order, but don’t remember how I did it…..
Thanks for your help on this for me as my lists are so long now.
Susan Marshall

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    12 years ago

    It sounds like you used this method:
    Create a temporary folder on your hard drive, say on your Desktop.
    In Safari, choose Bookmarks, Show All Bookmarks.
    Go to the section of your bookmarks that you want to alphabetize. For instance, the specific bookmarks folder you want to rearrange.
    Select all of the bookmarks there. You can do this by clicking on the first one, and then using Command+A to select all.
    Then drag and drop all of those to that temporary folder you created. You will get one file per bookmark, with a filename that is related to the title of that web page. So that folder will have them all sorted alphabetically.
    Then back in Safari, with all of the bookmarks still selected, press the Delete key to remove them all.
    Then drag and drop the bookmark files from the temporary folder back into Safari to populate that bookmarks folder with them. It will put them in there in the same order that they are in the Finder folder.
    Then delete the temporary Finder folder.
    An alternative would be to create a new bookmarks folder in Safari and drag them into there without needing to delete the old bookmarks folder first. This way you can be sure the new folder is what you want before you delete the original bookmarks.

    Susan E Marshall
    12 years ago

    Thank you so much Gary for your great instructions and quick reply which was so appreciated by me and I kinda remembered what I used to do but not exactly so really needed your instructions.

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