Forum Question: On my iMac the fan occasionally starts running very loudly…

On my iMac (latest version) the fan occasionally starts running very loudly…
It is always during periods of inactivity.
I’ll come into the room in the morning and the fans are on super high. nothing extra is running. I usually just shut down for a while and then restart later. I read on Apple help that actually unplugging everything and rebooting should fix this but it still does it. Happens about once every 2 weeks. I never shut down otherwise, just put it to sleep…

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    4/28/11 @ 9:22 am

    When this happens, run Activity Monitor to see what program is using a lot of processor. Perhaps something you have installed is causing the processor to heat up, which means the fans run at a higher speed.
    It is no big deal, either way. The processor is built to get hot (if it actually was in danger of overheating it would sleep) and the fans are built to speed up to help keep things cool.
    But it would be interesting to see what software was causing this to happen.

    5/4/11 @ 9:36 am

    Ok, it did it again this morning. It had been idle all night. Activity Manager showed nothing using much CPU %. Actually the app using the most CPU was the Activity Manager!
    Microsoft Excel was using the most ram 100MB, I quit excel and let it sit for 10 minutes. Fan was still going strong. Very loud and annoying…

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