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Only one Device can access the net on my WIFI network.

I am currently running a wifi network in my home with two mac minis, a macbook, my tv and xbox. I have Time Warner Road Runner cable broadband service. I run the cable router into an Apple Extreme base station for the wifi signal. I moved the router and modem yesterday and now I am only able to connect to the internet with one computer, my macbook. The other two mac minis, tv and xbox see my network, say they are connected to the network, but are unable to connect to the internet. I have never had this issue in the past. It has only come up after I unplugged everything and moved it. I just did a hard reset and set the airport back up. Again, my laptop has no problem connecting to the internet through my network, everything else sees it but cannot connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am clueless as what to do next….

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    10 years ago

    Very hard to say what might be wrong. There are so many settings on both your Extreme and your cable modem. You’ll just need to go over all of the settings and troubleshoot. Perhaps you have turned off your DHCP server on the Extreme — so it is only allowing one device to connect to the one IP address on your cable modem? Very hard to say without see it first-hand.

    10 years ago

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