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Open Another Presentation Within a Presentation In Keynote?

In keynote I do know that you can make a link on a slide to another slide or webpage. but can you make a link to another presentation either in keynote or powerpoint. In other words can you start a keynote or powerpoint presentation from within a presentation?

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    2 years ago

    Nope. You can’t link to anything but a web page, email composition window or another slide in Keynote. So if you need to switch presentations while presenting, just have both documents open and ready to Command+` switch to the other one. It only takes a second.

    You may be able to do this with PowerPoint. I haven’t used it in years, but a quick Web search shows you can link to files, so I assume you can link to another PowerPoint file. It is probably pretty much the same as using Command+` to switch documents, but you don’t have to remember to open the second one before you start — though you probably pay for that with the delay while it opens.

    Or, you could just copy and paste the slides to merge the two documents before you present. Maybe create a third, temporary document by duplicating the first file, then copy and pasting the slides from the second. Use that to present and then toss it after if there is some reason you need to keep these separate.

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