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Opening DMG files on Windows Machines

I would like to know how I can open encrypted DMG files in a windows environment. I am thinking of a situation where I have a couple in private files in a DMG files sync’d to drop box.
So when I am away from my machine, using a windows machine (at work), how can I open the file from either Windows or an Ipad?

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    10 years ago

    You can’t.
    So perhaps another solution.
    TrueCrypt comes to mind.
    Or, maybe an online solution like DropBox where you have the data stored online (but private, still).

      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary!

      I think MacDrive8 will be more suitable. Although, I use dropbox, I would like to have this file encrypted before it is uploaded there.

      I do not suppose Ipad would be able to open it? Will give it a try later when I get home.

      Thanks for your continued support.

      How is the MacBook Air anyway?

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