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Opening DMG files on Windows Machines

I would like to know how I can open encrypted DMG files in a windows environment. I am thinking of a situation where I have a couple in private files in a DMG files sync’d to drop box.
So when I am away from my machine, using a windows machine (at work), how can I open the file from either Windows or an Ipad?

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    9 years ago

    You can’t.
    So perhaps another solution.
    TrueCrypt comes to mind.
    Or, maybe an online solution like DropBox where you have the data stored online (but private, still).

      9 years ago

      Thanks Gary!

      I think MacDrive8 will be more suitable. Although, I use dropbox, I would like to have this file encrypted before it is uploaded there.

      I do not suppose Ipad would be able to open it? Will give it a try later when I get home.

      Thanks for your continued support.

      How is the MacBook Air anyway?

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