Forum Question: Opinion of Launchbar?

Gary, do you or anyone else on the forum use Launchbar 5 and, if so, could you give a quick opinion? Thanks.

— John Russell

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    11/15/09 @ 9:29 pm

    I don’t use it, but I checked out the Web site to refresh my memory of what it does. It seems that a lot of the functionality you already have in Spotlight. Press Command+Space, start typing the name of the app (T E X) and press return and you’ve launched TextEdit.
    Of course, how many times per day do you need to launch an application? And if it is a lot, then don’t quit the app, just keep it running and Command+Tab to go back to it.
    It looks like Launchbar also has clipboard management, but I use JumpCut and ClipMenu to do that. Both are excellent.

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