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Option+command+8 Zoom Feature, Add To Top Menu Icons?

I wanted to ad the keyboard shortcut to the very top of my iMac. You know alongside the date, time and all of that. Can we do that? Thanks..
Michael Lusk

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    4 years ago

    No way to create your own menu bar icons like that, I’m afraid. They either have to be part of the System Preferences options, or part of a third-party app’s options.
    In this case, there is a way to bring an Accessibility icon to the menu bar by going to System Preferences, Accessibility, and then checking “Show Accessibility status in menu bar.” But there’s no function in that menu bar icon to use the Zoom feature.
    Even if there were, it would be more steps than using the keyboard shortcut or the mouse/trackpad gesture. So why not just use those?

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