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Organizing iTunes CDs Containing a Bonus CD & Songs “featuring” a Guest Artist

I recently ripped “21” by Adele which comes with a bonus CD. I think they ought be combined into 1 icon so when I click on the “21” album icon both CDs are under that 1 icon. Can that be done? Right now, it’s “21” and “21 [Bonus CD]” I went into Info in the bonus CD and typed in under Sort Album “21” but nothing happened, no change.
A more annoying problem, is one song Adele sings with another artist, so that the artist listed is “Adele feat. Madonna”. I went into Info for that particular song and typed in “Adele” under Sort Artist, but nothing happened, the song wouldn’t combine with the rest of the album. It’s out there in iTunes all by itself.
Help! Thanks! :)

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    11 years ago

    Check out this video:
    It is a matter of just changing all of the proper fields in iTunes. You are on the right track, you just need to make the change in more places.

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