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Organizing Launchpad

Love Lion but launchpad is a little hard to organize. I have 4 pages and dragging to reorganize is unproductive and I got frustrated and gave up. Is there a way to organize it sort of like the iTunes interface for iPad and iPhone that lets you organize it from an overview page? I can’t see using launchpad if I can’t organize it.

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    9 years ago

    Simple solution: Don’t use Launch Pad. It is not for you.
    There are so many ways to launch apps in OS X. Launch Pad is a new one. And I welcome it because I see people struggling with the Applications folder and even the Dock. Launch Pad will suit many people. But not you or me. I’m a Command+Space guy myself. Launch Pad can’t touch that kind of speed for me. Others use the Dock. The Dock really does let you do a lot of organizing.
    Launch Pad is just another option. Remember the Quick Launcher (or whatever it was called). Same thing. I didn’t use that either.

      7 years ago

      A program that I use which is like spot light is Alfred. You should check it out, it is in the app store

    9 years ago

    How do I put applications in Launchpad? My Evernote is not on Launchpad.

      9 years ago

      Anything that is in your Applications folder that is an application should be there. Maybe it is just hard to find? Maybe try re-installing it?

    John M. Hammer
    9 years ago

    Here’s a good article which discusses how to “reset” Launchpad if you want to minimize the number of apps it displays. Frankly, though, I don’t see much use for it myself (although I imagine iOS->Mac adopters must find it comforting) so I remove it from my Dock and reassign the corner control and gesture.

    Matt Snowball
    8 years ago

    Gary – From OS 8-ish? It was Launcher, plain and simple. And it was just that…
    Like AtEase – for people who also wanted the ability to use their computer. (And the nice crunchy you-clicked-a-button sound… ambrosia!)

    Time machine to now: yup… command-space. It lets you do just that.

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