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Organizing Launchpad

Love Lion but launchpad is a little hard to organize. I have 4 pages and dragging to reorganize is unproductive and I got frustrated and gave up. Is there a way to organize it sort of like the iTunes interface for iPad and iPhone that lets you organize it from an overview page? I can’t see using launchpad if I can’t organize it.

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    10 years ago

    Simple solution: Don’t use Launch Pad. It is not for you.
    There are so many ways to launch apps in OS X. Launch Pad is a new one. And I welcome it because I see people struggling with the Applications folder and even the Dock. Launch Pad will suit many people. But not you or me. I’m a Command+Space guy myself. Launch Pad can’t touch that kind of speed for me. Others use the Dock. The Dock really does let you do a lot of organizing.
    Launch Pad is just another option. Remember the Quick Launcher (or whatever it was called). Same thing. I didn’t use that either.

      8 years ago

      A program that I use which is like spot light is Alfred. You should check it out, it is in the app store

    10 years ago

    How do I put applications in Launchpad? My Evernote is not on Launchpad.

      10 years ago

      Anything that is in your Applications folder that is an application should be there. Maybe it is just hard to find? Maybe try re-installing it?

    John M. Hammer
    10 years ago

    Here’s a good article which discusses how to “reset” Launchpad if you want to minimize the number of apps it displays. Frankly, though, I don’t see much use for it myself (although I imagine iOS->Mac adopters must find it comforting) so I remove it from my Dock and reassign the corner control and gesture.

    Matt Snowball
    10 years ago

    Gary – From OS 8-ish? It was Launcher, plain and simple. And it was just that…
    Like AtEase – for people who also wanted the ability to use their computer. (And the nice crunchy you-clicked-a-button sound… ambrosia!)

    Time machine to now: yup… command-space. It lets you do just that.

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