Forum Question: Orphaned Apple TV ???

Reading and listening to all the rhetoric surrounding the new Apple TV, I’m a bit confused about any future the “old” ( 160 GB ) Apple TV might have. I have read that items ( movies, tv episodes, etc ) will no longer be available for direct purchase and storage on Apple TVs, that only purchases on computers will be possible and only streaming will function via Apple TV. Is that correct ? I realize as much misinformation as correct info proliferates when changes occur, but will my Apple TV become orphaned ?

— BDRand

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    9/5/10 @ 5:57 pm

    An Apple spokesperson has said that the old Apple TV will continue to work and support all current features. So we should still be able to rent and buy content.
    As a matter of fact, the old one has pretty much the same feature set as the new one, minus Netflix. Though it will be interesting to see if it supports AirPlay.

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