Forum Question: OS X 10.5 Trash

Is there any way to permanently delete only selected files or only files up to a specified date from the trash?

— Johan van der Spuy

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    10/23/09 @ 9:01 am

    No. The only way to do that would be to remove files from the trash and place them in a temporary folder. So, for instance, you could create a temporary folder on your Desktop, move the files there, then sort them by date. Then only drag the older ones to the trash and empty it. Then drag the rest to the trash and don’t empty it.
    But that won’t work very well if you are multiple volumes mounted as the trash contains items from different disks.
    I guess the real solution is not to put something in the trash until you are ready to really delete it. If not, put it in a temporary location, like a “To Be Deleted” folder that you make.

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