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Gary, I know that OSX has routines that run overnight and weekly or monthly if you leave it running. Does that work while my macbook pro (2009) is closed and asleep? Or do I need to periodically run those tasks manually?

— Alan Buhler

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    12/26/09 @ 9:47 am

    Those maintenance tasks are not nearly as important as people think. They mostly remove very small temporary files and such. My advice is to not worry about them. You most likely won’t notice as they do so little.
    I believe since Tiger they will run after you wake up your Mac, if they missed their late night chance anyway. You can still force them to run:

      12/26/09 @ 7:30 pm

      Thanks to both of you for the question and answer.

      I had asked about this very subject at my local Apple reseller, who sold me my iMac. They recommended Onyx, which is not on the list of third-party apps found at the link Gary posted.

      I’ve never used terminal, but I think I would rather do it myself at my leisure than install third-party software.

      Unless, of course, you, Gary, think Onyx is a fine piece of software. I’ve already downloaded and installed it, but haven’t yet made use of it. I took it only for the purpose of running these regular maintenance issues because I do not leave my computer on overnight.

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