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Outlook and iOS 5 – How Do You Make Them Work Together?

I want to use my Outlook and have it sync with my iPad and iPhone like it did when I would sync through iTunes. What am I doing wrong?

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    11 years ago

    Not sure. If you had it working before iOS 5, then it should still work. But perhaps you need to go through your settings carefully and check them. I'm not sure how you had it set up before, so it is hard to advise. Were you using some special program to sync? Of just iTunes? All of the iTunes syncing options are still there.

    Diane Ross
    11 years ago

    Outlook for Mac does not support CalDAV so Events cannot be synced. They will appear in iCal, but no way to get them in Outlook automatically. If you remember this all came up when MobileMe made the transition last year to CalDAV.

    You can sync your iPhone to iCal. Just not back to Outlook.

    Outlook syncs to iCal through Sync Services, but iCal keeps local and iCloud data separate"bins” that do not talk to each other.

    MSFT has made no official statement on if or when iCloud features will be added to Outlook for Mac. Oddly, Outlook Windows will sync to iCloud

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