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Pages on IOS (iphone/ipad) and OS X (Mac book pro)

Do you know what the difference in functionality between the Pages 09 on the above OS’s? And also is there a difference between Pages 09 from the Mac store and Pages bought from a store outlet.

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    10 years ago

    There is no difference between Pages for Mac from the App Store and Pages 09 from the iLife 09 box set. Well, if you buy the box, then you probably have to run Software Update to get some updates since the discs were printed a while back. But other than that, they are the same. I’d get it from the App Store at this point as updates will be smoother.
    But the Pages app for the iPad and the iPhone is a different thing. The same core functionality, but not quite as powerful. I don’t have a run-down of the exact differences, but it doesn’t really matter as you either need it on your iOS device or you don’t. It is still a very good Word Processor to have and a must-have app for anyone that wants to write documents on their iPad.

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