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“Paint” Sofware In Apple Computers?

I am a “Paint” user in HP and the only thing preventing me to buy an Apple computer is the absence of this product in their software lineup. I wonder if this is a possibility in the future.
Dr. Herminio Diaz

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    3 years ago

    So you are looking for a simple graphics program where you can draw? Or do you want it for something else?

    There are many graphics apps available in the Mac App Store. Each has its own fans. One popular one is Pixelmator. Another in Acorn. I’m not an artist myself, so it is hard for me to recommend one. Plus, I don’t know what sort of graphics program you are looking for. But there are plenty available.

    If it is just photo adjustments and filters you want, then you can do a lot with Photos and Preview that come with your Mac.

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