Forum Question: Password protecting time machine on an external drive.

I have time machine backing up to a partition on an external hard drive. While my mac is password protected the time machine back up has everything on and is accessible if lost or stolen.

Is there a way of adding a password protect to the back up on the external drive?

Thanks Chris

— Chris

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    10/2/10 @ 8:33 am

    You could use a encrypted disk image instead of a partition.
    But then what if someone walks away with your Mac instead of the TM hard drive? That’s much more likely. Your password only protects them from using your Mac. They could get access to your files without “using” your Mac. File Vault will protect your files, but then it makes TM backups difficult.
    But consider what you are protecting. What files would they have access to? Military or government secrets? Probably not, right? And if you are worried about login IDs and credit card numbers and such, then use a program like 1Password. Then if they get a hold of your hard drive, all they get are documents, music, photos, etc. What would “they” do with that?

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