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My parents will be making the move from their PC to iMAC. What is the best way to transfer over their existing files, email addresses, bookmarks, itunes, photos etc?

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    1/2/11 @ 8:00 pm

    One way is to have Apple do it for you. The Genius Bar at any Apple store will transfer files from a PC to a Mac for free.
    Other than that, it depends on the amount of data. I USB thumb drive could be used to bring things over. Or, an external hard drive — you can use the drive first to transfer things, and then reformat it as a Time Machine drive.
    Another option is to set up networking between them on your home network and transfer files that way.
    Email addresses and bookmarks are tricker. I can’t advise too much because I don’t know what you have on the Windows side for either of those.

    Howard Brazee
    1/3/11 @ 8:36 am

    For iTunes, I recommend that you update both your Windows version and your Mac version. Then burn one CD on your Mac. Exit from iTunes both places. Find your iTunes directory, and overwrite the Mac directories/folders with the Windows version.


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