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I have some photos in my photo library iPhone (not a 3G) that I would like to delete. These photos, I guess, were deleted from the iPhoto library. The option to sync photos in iTunes is not showing for my iPhone. Similarly, in iPhoto there are no photos listed that I can download and delete. Are these photos on my iPhone forever?

— LucyB

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    4/19/10 @ 7:03 pm

    The way to do this is through iTunes. You should see a Photos tab when you select the iPhone. I can’t think of any case where it wouldn’t be there. Take another look. Just set it to sync and erase what you currently have.

    Pat Schwamle
    12/8/10 @ 3:03 pm

    I unchecked the Sync button on the photos tab. A message came up about deleting the photos off. I hit apply and re-sync the phone.
    Try that. When I unchecked the Sync it went from 21 pictures to 98. Then I decided to hit the apply button and re-sync the phone. When it was plugged in, I check the photo albums, I saw the 98 photos and then I checked it later and there was no albums listed. I think the key is to uncheck the Sync button and re-sync the phone.

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