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Photos – How Do I Keep Titles In Shared Albums?

All of my photos are arranged according to the title I give each photo. It aggravates me that, when I create a “Shared Album” for family members to view, the titles are lost (as well as the Sort option). When looking for Information (Command + I), original photo metadata is attached to each photo, but the Title slot is blank as is as information or description I have typed for each photo. Am I doing something wrong in the way I create a “Shared Album?” [I do so by selecting the photos and then using the box-with-vertical-arrow icon for sharing, top right.]

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    3 years ago

    It isn’t so much that the titles are lost, or they do not transfer. It is that shared albums do not use titles on photos. There is no place for them to go to or to be shown. Shared albums just don’t have that feature. Same for description and keywords. That’s just how the Shared Album feature works in Photos.
    Maybe send feedback to Apple that you would like to see Titles and Descriptions in the Shared Album function of Photos.

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