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Photos not showing up in photo library on iPhone

I added some photo’s of friends to my iPhone photos folder so I could use their pics in my contact list. I then did a sync on iTunes. I went to contacts, clicked on edit,clicked on add photo, clicked on choose photo, then chose photo library,where it showed 22 photo’s. I added the persons picture and then repeated this for a few more friends. BUT, when I click on the “Photos” icon on the iphones main screen, it goes to the photo album/camera roll screen, but it only shows the pictures that I had uploaded weeks ago and none of the photos I just added! Now I know they are there, I just added them to my friends contact information! So why are they not showing up on the normal photo library???

— Joe

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    10 years ago

    My only thought is that when you go to the Photos app, you are looking in the Camera Roll album, and you need to back out up to the main level to see all your albums, and then back down into the photo library (not the Camera Roll). That’s just a guess.

    9 years ago

    my phone is a iphone 3g and it is working quite good but some on my app just wont work especially my photo album. and the numbers 7,8,9 i need some help here can some one tell me what i can do

      9 years ago

      1. Restarting it.
      2. Sync it and then restore.
      3. Visit the Genius Bar and get first-hand help.

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