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Photoshop Elements Version Compatible With El Capitan?

Have PSE ver. 4. Installed El Capitan on Macbook. Got a message PSE4 was incompatible. What is the oldest version of PSE compatible with El Capitan. I’ve tried to search and can’t find.
Lynda Farabee

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    8 years ago

    I don't know. The only way I could think to find out is to either ask Adobe, or to test each one.
    But why? Why do you want the "oldest version of PSE compatible with El Capitan?" Why not just get the latest version of Elements? It is even available in the Mac App Store.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 (affiliate link).

    8 years ago

    Go to for compatibility comparisons. It works for me. I'm using PSE 9.0 with El Capitan

    Dan Burgess
    8 years ago

    Is Photoshop Elements 14 compatible with El Capitan, v10.11.4 ?

    8 years ago

    Dan: I don't know. You should ask in the Adobe forums.

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