Forum Question: Pictures disappearing from Iphoto

I have 100s of pix I scanned into my imac a couple years ago. I had no problem viewing them but now when I go to look at some it says they can’t be found!
Also they can’t be restored from backup. If I try nothing happens and iphoto locks up. It will restore other pix but not those.
So far it’s only about a dozen but I’m worried if it continues I’ll lose pix I no longer have the originals for.
What can be done to stop this and maybe get them back.
It’s IPhoto09 and all updates are current.

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    5/28/11 @ 5:10 pm

    I can’t begin to guess what may be wrong. I’d take the Mac in to the Genius Bar so they can look. Perhaps your hard drive is starting to act up.

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