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Poor colour reproduction in Preview

Hi Gary,

Any jpegs I create in Adobe Photoshop look fine while viewed within it, but when viewed through Preview, the blacks become gray and overall the image looks duller, making it impossible to judge the photo….and I’d rather not put my RAM through more Photoshop than it has to….any suggestions?

— Dhruv

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    10 years ago

    That’s odd. I’m pretty sure Preview isn’t doing anything special to display the images. But perhaps Photoshop is? Seems to me that it does do some things to display colors more accurately on the screen, or something. But you’d need to ask a Photoshop expert about that.
    Have you tried opening up the same image in both programs side-by-side? Just to really compare? I just tried it with Photoshop CS5 and Preview and they looked identical.

    10 years ago

    Absolutely…irrespective of how high a quality image I create, there is loss of quality…a friend has also claimed to have this problem. Is there any opensource alternative to Preview?

      10 years ago

      How you taken scaling out of the equation? Just had both Preview and Photoshop at 100% and looked at a section of a photo side-by-side? I just didn’t see any difference when I tried.
      As for an alternative to Preview — not really. It is a pretty unique program that does a ton of different things. So it depends on which one thing you want an alternative to. If it is just viewing photos, then Quick Look is the alternative. Or column view with a preview. But I’d expect that images would look the same as in Preview. Any alternative would probably use the same rendering as Preview.
      I’d investigate more and try to find out why they look different. Preview should give you the most basic what-you-see-is-what-you-get view. Which is why I suspect that Photoshop is the one showing you the alternate view.

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