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Power Off Time Capsule When Not In Use

I have a MacBook Pro and use a Time Capsule as my Time Machine backup. I use my MBP only at home and intermittently (a few hours at the most and then not in use for most of the day). I let my MBP sleep when not in use (just close the cover). My question is whether it makes sense to leave the Time Machine on during this quiet period. I do shut it off at night. It is the on-off cycles which concern me.
Mike Wheless

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    13 years ago

    I wouldn't. What is you concern? Power consumption? Probably just pennies there.
    I've never heard of someone turning off their TC every day, even though I'm sure it happens. But I can't see the advantage. I'd leave it on so it is ready when you need it and doesn't always have to find the network and re-establish contact with your ISP, etc.

    Michael Wheless
    13 years ago

    Not power concerns. I just have concerns that leaving on any electronic device for extended periods will reduce its service life. It was my understanding that heat was an issue with any device and that to leave them on for extended periods would have an effect over time. I goes I got my answer though. The startup is usually pretty painless, taking around 30-60 seconds or so to get the green light. Thanks.

      13 years ago

      I'm not a TC expert (not even a user) but I would think heat isn't an issue when the device isn't being used. The heat will come once you start using the device.

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