Forum Question: Using Restore Disks on Another Mac

I bought a used PowerBook and I don’t have any of the passwords for it. I bought a new Macbook a year ago and got the Leopard re store disc’s with it. Since then I have upgraded to Snow Leopard on the macbook. Can I use the restore disc from the macbook on the Powerbook since I am not using it. The Powerbook currently has Leopard on it.

— Gary McNeil

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    2/20/10 @ 1:08 pm


    You can try, but restore disks are only supposed to work with the model that they came with. But you can try and see what happens.

    2/20/10 @ 4:24 pm

    Well I don’t have another leopard cd, is there a way to burn the current OS to a cd.

      2/20/10 @ 6:11 pm

      No. You’ll need to get a new set of install DVDs. Or, complain to the seller that they sold you the machine without a password (and without the original DVDs!). It is kind of like buying a car without the keys and owners papers.

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