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Preventing macbook from sleeping when lid is shut

Is there a way to prevent macbook from going into sleep mode when lid is shut? I download large files and would like my macbook to keep downloading the files 24 hours a day but i hate leaving the lid open as dust accumulates on keyboard.
Is there a way around this? I believe PC have this option.

— Taimur Mumtaz

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    10 years ago

    I know many models of Mac laptops used to vent heat through the keyboard. So putting it to sleep when the lid was closed was a necessity.
    But the current line doesn’t do that — it vents through the back.
    I do know that you can definitely keep your MacBook awake if a keyboard and external display are connected. Many people do that all the time. But the connections are the trigger that prevents sleep.
    I have heard that this program will do it, but it is not clear whether it will work in Snow Leopard with a newer MacBook:
    Or, you could just leave it open and dust it off. I don’t think dust would really accumulate as you are always moving and using the MacBook. At least it wouldn’t accumulate any more than with a normal desktop computer and a keyboard. You could cover the keyboard if you like with a cloth.

    Taimur Mumtaz
    10 years ago

    If i connect the external video cable in macbook but not connect it to any monitor will it prevent sleep mode?
    My macbook is the white one (late 2008 model).

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