Forum Question: Printing From the New iPad Without AirPrint?

I know I can purchase something like Printopia, install it on my Mac and then the iPad will see all the printers that the Mac has available to it. However, is there an app you can install on the iPad that permits it to print on its own to available printers without having to go through the Mac? I am talking about most printers and not just those that have AirPrint ability.
Ron Paris

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    3/22/12 @ 9:47 am

    Apps on iOS devices don’t work like those on computers. For instance, you can’t install an app that changes how the system works. So it would be impossible for a developer to create an app that adds printing functionality to other apps.
    So AirPrint is your only option for universal printing between all apps that support it.
    But there is another option for printing to some printers. Some specific printers have their own printing apps. For instance, HP has an app that will connect and print to some HP printers on your network. These would have to be wifi or networked printers, I’d imagine. I think Canon and Epson have apps as well.
    So look for an app made by the manufacturer of your printer.
    Of course the problem with these apps is that they can only print documents that the app has access to. So they can usually access your photos on your iPad, but not much else. Sometimes they simply recommend that you take a screen shot of what you want printed and print out that captured photo.

    Luis Anthony Ast
    3/22/12 @ 2:44 pm

    Epson has an app you can use for iOS to print items on printers that have WiFi. No need for AirPrint.

    Bruce Collins
    3/22/12 @ 5:30 pm

    There is also HPs ePrint. Apparently, the printer has it’s own E-mail address and prints whatever is sent to it? Have been looking at new printers and the features they support.

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