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Problem Assembling Multiple Pages in Preview

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 & (latest version of) Preview
When I have multiple pdf files that I want to combine into one document, I used to be able to do that easily in preview but that was until I upgraded to Snow Leopard.
I would open the sidebar (on the right) in Preview and simple drag the individual pdfs into it and then save the document.
Now when I do that I only get the first page. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in Snow Leopard

— Dani (London, England)

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    13 years ago

    That same technique definitely works for me. Just tried it. Is it possible that it is working for you too, but that you just have the pages in the sidebar collapsed into one? You can do a lot of different things with the sidebar thumbnails now, including collapsing multiple pages into one -- it makes it look like you you have on page in the sidebar, when in fact you are looking at a group of pages. I haven't played around with this feature much, but I've seen it.

    13 years ago

    Thanks Gary/Joan for the input

    I just tried this on anyother mac, also running snow leopard and I have the same problem. Although I am dragging multiple pages into the document using preview, I am absolutely certain that I am ending up with just ONE page in the document. I know this because when I do a get info, it shows one page.

    When I open the resulting document I have created in Adobe Acrobat, it confirms, there's just ONE page there.

    As far as I can see, this function is different in Snow Leopard to what was possible in previous versions of Mac OSX.

    I'll keep looking closely at Preview to see if I've missed something, but for now, I'l revert to using Adobe Acrobat (just when I was hoping to retire it, and switch fully to Preview!)

    13 years ago

    I wrote a blog today describing the two methods with illustrations at the following site:

    13 years ago

    Thanks Joan, I can do it now. Actually I phoned Apple Care here in Europe and they were baffled. They replicated the 'problem' on their machine and said they would escalate it as they like me thought it was a bug. I think the slight complexity of the way preview behaves is not really a triumph for Apple, but at least it can be done.



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